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Sherelle Reed is the Founder and Visionary of the Resilience Movement. She is a retired Corporate Instructor by trade but a Life Motivator & Strategist by truth and passion! As a wife of 20 years and a mother of 3 adult children, Sherelle is no stranger to riding on this roller coaster we call life. She is fun, personable and loving with a personality that moves the hearts of many she comes in contact with.  Her past experiences in life may not depict or predict the possibility of a life that society defines as successful. Despite her early difficult past Sherelle has learned how to use all of her unfortunate circumstance to fuel her journey from the past to purpose while respecting the journey along the way. Sherelle has a heart for all people; especially those who may not believe that they are deserving of their dreams just because of the negative experiences they have encountered. Sherelle wants them to know that ALL experiences in life are necessary for the sake of one’s purpose. Resilience encourages the ability to Learn from

the past, live victorious today, while in pursuit of purpose.

Abused - YES!


Abandoned – YES!


Mistreated – YES!


Misunderstood – YES!


Triumphant – YES!


Appreciative – YES!


Giver – YES!


Living Life – YES!


In Pursuit of Purpose – LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!!

meet sherelle, the visionary

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