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about us

Welcome to Resilience!

A movement that emphasizes the importance of reaching your purpose in life in the face of ALL experiences encountered (both good and bad).  Resilience is dedicated and committed to bringing you encouragement through our daily interactive blog, prayers and testimonies along with community outreach partnerships and planned events. 

Learn from the past. Live today. Pursue purpose. 

Learn from the past. Life has a way of bringing about various experiences that can leave us troubled, perplexed and with feelings of great uncertainty.  It is very important that we view these experiences as opportunities . . .

Live today. Do you ever feel like you are merely existing in the world?  We get up, go to work, go home, eat, get ready for bed and wake up and do it all over again….. Living each and every day . . .

Pursue purpose. Our purpose in life will never be achieved automatically.  There must be steps taken both deliberately and intentionally in order to accomplish it.  Purpose is not attained instantaneously . . .


It is the goal Resilience to meet every woman at their point of need in life. While we cannot specialize in every area, we can partner with other movements and campaigns to make their areas of expertise available. Below, you will find other movements, ministries and campaigns that we have partnered with in order to meet the needs of all participants in the Resilience Movement. Below are some of our partners!  

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