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inspiring women to learn from the past,

live today   & pursue purpose.


IT'S SISTA TIME!!! Come out and experience and afternoon of Empowerment at Find Your RESILIENCE presents Sista I Got U Covered, "AS U SHINE"!!! Through personal testimonies we will encourage women to support each other as they reach various levels of success or "shining". Grab your girlfriend, represent with some type of Bling and register for this AWESOME event! This will be a time of SUBSTANCE, SUPPORT and TRUE SISTERHOOD!!!


The Resilience CORE

Sista I Got U Covered

Empowerment Luncheon


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The SistaHOOD is a group who inspires and desires to Learn from The Past, Live Today & Pursue Purpose.

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Find your resilience

Find Your Resilience Inc is movement that emphasizes the importance of reaching your purpose in life in the face of ALL experiences encountered (both good and bad).  Resilience is dedicated and committed to bringing you encouragement through prayers, testimonies and community outreach.

Learn from your Past, Live Today, in Pursuit of your Purpose. 

How We Inspire Women
Community Outreach
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Be the girl who decided  to go for it

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